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ackDeadPixelFinder, ackShuttleControl

Fresh release of ackDeadPixelFinder. I’m really excited about this one, and it’s been on my list of scripts to get done for some time now. It hunts down the remaining stepped keys, linear keys, or held poses that are left in the scene. Lets say you’re working your way out of blocking, converting stepped (or linear) keys into splines. Tick the “Stepped” and “Linear” checkboxes, and you can use this to jump around to what needs to be addressed. Then later, use “Held Poses” to hunt down sections of animation that lock up with no residual energy or moving holds. Obviously this thing doesn’t replace good judgment and a good eye for your frames, but I’m using it as a quick way to take me to the next task. I’ll be improving on the performance and ironing out bugs as I use it, so check back here. I did want to get it out there though, so I’m calling this BETA 1

Made an update to ackShuttleControl concerning the timeDragger function. Before, it would sometimes not return you correctly to the tool you were using. All fixed up now.

Separately, someone pointed out a bug in ackShuttleControl which, under certain conditions, it’s possible to undo a pose change and have the pose reappear on an incorrect frame. After some testing, it seems clear that Maya is making an incorrect assumption about the state of the scene - it assumed that the undos that we skipped would have taken us to the correct frame. Since the whole point of the script is to not undo the time change, we confused Maya when it executes the Set Key’s undo function. Hopefully there’s a workaround to this, and I’ll have to think about that. Until then, use at your own risk!

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