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Catching Up

The end is in sight on Horton, and because of the crunch I haven’t had time to upload new tools onto this site. But they’ve been piling up, and this weekend I got some time to get some more up here. For one, I’ve introduced a new workflow in working with these tools. A handful of them look to adjacent left or right keys to apply their function, or work with similar scaling factors. These parameters are now set globally through one meta-tool called ackSetup, instead of individual parameters per script. The following scripts have been upgraded to work in this way:


Also, there’s a couple new scripts too:
ackSnapEndKeyValues makes sure the first and last keys of curve are the same for cycling purposes. Doesn’t care if curves are offset, so it’s helpful at any stage of animation.
ackConvergeBuffer converges keys toward or away from it’s buffer curve. Can also snap selected keys directly to the buffer curve (Maya’s tool can only swap entire curves). Actual keys and buffer keys don’t need to line up, and it will converge or snap to interpolated values.

And if that’s not enough, I wrote some notes on the philosophy of these tools and should help in understanding where our workflows converge.

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